FLYDE // floating cutlery set

  • FLYDE (danish: "to flow") is a floating cutlery set consisting of a fork, a knife and a spoon.

  • The concept for the cutlery set was created together with Judith Langer, a fellow student within a workshop of just 2 days in the second semester.

    The models are made of polystyrene and ureol-foam and confirm the balance and ergonomics.

  • The cutlery set ist meant to be made out of 2 materials.
    Matte brushed 18/10 stainless steel for the metal part - and "Ebonite", a traditional bioplastic known from knive handles and fountain pens, for the handle component.

  • The concept of FLYDE is that the functional parts do not touch the table due to the balanced design and thus remain hygienic.


  • © Felix Marx