Maxibillion London - Branding

    Maxibillion, a luxury brand of technologically innovative underwear, active wear and loungewear for the remarkably distinguished. Their dynamic forward-thinking designs bring opulence and engineering to everyday items, making the world a more stylish, comfortable place. With technical prowess and luxurious embellishments, Maxibillion has re-defined traditional briefs, boxer briefs and trunks to the specific implementations of everyday life. 

    Their expertise extends to the sportswear collections integrating remarkably flexible materials to provide an increased range of natural joint movement, moisture-wicking properties, cutting edged technologies of inhibiting odour causing microbes and bacteria and a whole lot more.

    Much like the concept of the brand, the design follows through on the “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” ideology with a focus on the minutest details. The tone of voice used to communicate is confident, technologically backed and stylistically advanced, to express the brand USP. The aim of the branding through the product and visual design, is to represent the product in a way to show its true features and engage an audience through relatability, intrigue and innovation.​​​​​​​

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