When Less Becomes So Much More

  • “When Less Becomes So Much More” is a hypothetical exhibition at MOMA in New York that features eight artists who influence Korean Monochrome Painting Movement called Dansaekhwa.

    Dansaekhwa is deeply paradoxical that the “language of silence” as it exists in Dansaekhwa was born under the military authoritarianism of the Third Republic. It was also a response to Western modes of abstraction. It has been influenced by Western art but it shows Korean uniqueness.

    In order to convey this characteristic of the movement, this book starts with the photo essay that shows the political environment when the movement started. For the essays,
    I wanted to frame texts within gray boxes to show the rigorous atmosphere of the era. However, for the artists’ section, I wanted to curate artworks to be easily observed that readers can get the sense of simplicity and aesthetic of the works. Also, throughout the book I used various shades of white and gray for the text because Dansaekhwa is also known for using the color white very thoughtfully along with the beauty of subtlety.

  • Special thanks to Stephen Serrato, Taylor Luo