1561 Jams + Confitures

    A farm-to-table, local and sustainable jam brand targeted towards men. 1561 jams and confitures combine sweet, locally grown New England fruits with worldly and unique punches of flavor, like Indian curry or zesty jalapeño.
    1561 jams and confitures are a guilty pleasure that you can feel good about. Locally grown berries and fruits are blended with unique flavors to give your ho-hum routine world a flavor-filled escape. No preservatives. No added sugar. No rubbish. Just fresh, spiked jams fit for a King.
    All tins were hand screenprinted.
  • Tins were chosen to avoid the use of adhesives as well as excess material. The use of tins also makes a cheeky reference to the use of jam by early royalty, who served and ate jam from silver platters and spoons.
  • Six ounce tin of one of four flavors: Granny Smith Apple + Bacon, Tart Lemon + Indian Curry, Strawberry + Jalapeño, and Sweet Peach + Habañero. All tins were hand screenprinted, making each unique and original, and emphasizing the local, farm-to-table, masculine aesthetic.
  • Ten ounce tin
  • This pattern formed the meat of the brand, and is comprised of 1561's brand story, logos, the flavor of the jam, and type texture. A best by date and batch number were added to the tins to emphasize the handmade, and farm fresh aspects of the product.