Turkish Airlines Self Bagdrop

  • Turkish Airlines Self Bagdrop

    Turkish Airlines one of the most important airline company in Turkey and worldwide, is renovating all its kiosk devices with the recently opened Istanbul Airport. Our customer wanted to improve the user experience and user interface designs of these devices besides their renewal. Our customer has asked us to apply the best experience and the most suitable design to the current kiosks, adhering to Turkish Airlines's renewed corporate identity. One of these kiosks is Self Bagdrop. In this piece of work, you can examine how we renewed the user experience and interfaces of the Self Bagdrop system kiosks, which enable checked-in passengers to self-check their luggage.

  • 01. User Experience Design
    At the user experience design stage, we first had to get to know the kiosk device well. In order to get to know the device closely and to map the user's journey, we analysed all parts of the device and the point where it meets the user. Apart from these, we had a list of requirements that came from the customer.

  • Apart from these, we had a list of requirements that came from the customer.
    • The default language of the application should be Turkish and English.
    • If the user selects another language, the selected language should be displayed together with Turkish. 
    • A design suitable for a 19-inch display and a resolution of 1280 x1024 should be worked on. 
    • In the application, the user's spent time at the device should be aimed as minimum. 
    • Intelligibility should be at the highest level.

  • 02. User Interface Design
  • On the user interface design side, there was a condition that our customer specifically requested from us. Our customer especially wanted a white design. So, we tried to create a design with the maximum amount of white. Thus, we created a spacious, modest design and achieved an intelligible look in terms of user experience.

  • Client: Turkish Airlines
    Agency: Efabrika
    Agency Director: Emre Efe
    Project Management: Ceyda Bakkal
    User Experience Design: Damla Atmaca
    User Interface Design / Illustrations: Cihangir Öziş
    Motion Graphics: Ferhat Gündoğdu

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