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    ABSOLUT is famous for its long history of iconic advertising, and its artistic partnerships with some of the most daring creatives of the last four decades. The Absolut Creative Competition is a new initiative established to help find the next generation of bold artistic voices from across the world. Creatives are challenged to share their vision of a better tomorrow through an artwork that brings to life one of Absolut’s five brand beliefs.

  • Although in recent years we have made significant progress in terms of gender equality and we have managed to overcome some obstacles, there are still a few more steps to go to ensure a "better tomorrow" with the same rights and opportunities for all.​​​​​​​

  • From the point of view of Spain


  • ART DIRECTION:  Julio Liarte
    ILLUSTRATION:  Julio Liarte
  • This project won a CLAP Selection Award 2019: Best illustration applied to advertising or promotional communication, and also won two ANUARIA Selection Award 2019: Best poster and Best illustration.
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