Жизньмарт — Brand identity

  • Lifemart — Visual identity for grocery store

    “Lifemart” is a network of stores with a thoroughly selected stock of products, ready-to-eat foods, and cooking boxes. Time saving and care for healthiness of the products are the main competitive advantage of the store. The client’s wish was to create a store that would be trusted and loved by the customers.”Lifemart” brand was to become a friend to the customers helping them in finding high-quality, healthy products.

    The range of products in the store includes its own store brands and brands of other manufacturers, suppliers are carefully selected, and the customers may provide quick feedback on the quality of the products in the Telegram channel. The name “Lifemart” is the client’s idea. First, we didn’t really like the name, it felt like difficult to say and hard to remember. But the store was opened in March, and by now it is so full of life that one can definitely say that all this makes perfect sense.
    Designers of Funky agency developed the corporate identity for the store bearing in mind that the idea was to work equally well on the sign, in navigation, in the elements of the interior design, on advertising media and in other carriers. The suggested style included illustrations of vegetables, fruits, greens, lifestyle and authenticity elements that reflected the character of the brand. The corporate graphic design so unusual for retailers as well as the color combinations would help the store to make a statement and distinguish itself from competitors.

    The photo style reveals the character of the brand and adds an element of entertainment. For different communication messages and categories of products different photos are used—products in hands and photos of food over colorful backgrounds. A distinguished solution is used for cooking boxes—top view shots of the ingredient layouts. The distinctive graphic design and photo style helped us to create a friendly, believable brand.

    The distinctive graphic design and photo style helped us to create a friendly, believable brand.

  • Art-director: Ilya Tumaikin
    Designer: Albina Khasanyanova, Sergey Ryadovoy, Ilya Tumaikin
    Animation: Tatiana Saenko
    Retouch: Konstantin Simonov
    Project manager: Anna Raskova, Yulia Ugrumova

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