Portfolio 2019

  • I designed and built a new responsive portfolio website for myself. I wanted to create something fun, unique and quirky to represent the kind of work I want to do.

  • On the home page, the user can navigate through 4 introductory pieces about me, changing out the title letters, text, and imagery each time. The animation is achieved with CSS keyframes.

  • I'm a fan of disjointed layouts in my work as they break up the monotony of scrolling of a web page — so the user pauses to decipher what they're looking at. In this case, a generic grid of cards leading to portfolio pieces are interspersed with links to articles I've written.

  • "Ey Up" is a popular greeting where I'm from; Yorkshire, England. As an expat now based in the United States, I wanted to include a personal touch in an otherwise straight-forward bio' page.

  • And of course, the website is responsive.

  • Visit the live site: roomfive.net