• Duppla

    The Project: Duppla bridges the European sports and entertainment industries with global brands and markets.
    The Concept: Two partners and two ex soccer players. The bright tandem. Two individuals unified by a family, labor, social or business bond. Togetherness. You and us = Duppla. Two best friends who create a great tandem are helping mayor sports brands reach out the American and Asian market.
    Vision: Become the main bridge for mayor Sports Institutions between Europe and America-Asia.
    Mision: Help mayor sports institutions reach new markets.
    Goals: Work with the best in the game and help them expand overseas.
    Primary Services: Branding Development.
    Client: Panamera Branding www.panamera.co

  • Duppla is associated with La Liga, Real Madrid, Spanish Soccer Federation, PSG, Espanyol and Manchester City Group.
    Goal: Help PSG, Real Madrid, Manchester City and others to establish its operations in America and Asia.