The Burr Magazine // I FEEL THAT

  • The "I FEEL THAT" Issue
    Spring 2019

    With the commonality of mental health issues in college students today, the stories in the spring 2019 issue of The Burr Magazine focused heavily on the theme of internal recovery and self improvement.

    As Art Director, I developed the theme for the issue, oversaw the design and illustration team, created assets for our designers to use, and provided illustration and photography where needed.

  • Cover iterations / theme development
    Presented with a large array of mental health stories, the assistant art director and I conceptualized the "I FEEL THAT" theme for the issue, and developed a style guide reliant on personalized doodles and self-serving illustrations to reference the use of bullet journals and in-the-margin sketching that many college students do to relieve stress or take the mind off issues.

  • Final Cover
    The starkness of this cover, coupled with the idea of doodling, was the chosen visual direction that inspired the rest of the interior spreads.

  • Illustrations / asset development
    In addition to working with page layouts, I frequently created illustrations and design assets to be included into the creative team's spreads. The creative team was composed of 3 illustrators and 4 designers, who worked together as a team to set up InDesign spreads and incorporate our visual assets, photography, and written content.

  • Final magazine on Issuu​​