Howlt Coffee Exhibition 181120

  • Howlt Coffee Exhibiton @UltraSuperNew Gallery Tokyo
    Solo Exhibition
    UltraSuperNew Gallery Tokyo
    20 Nov 2018 – 26 Nov 2018

    UltraSuperNew Gallery is thrilled to present, ‘Howlt Coffee,’ a solo exhibition by Haruki Higashi, a Tokyo based multi-disciplinary creative who has worked with prominent clients such as Nike, Marlboro, and McDonald’s. Higashi has won numerous design awards, including the prestigious design award from the Japan Media Arts Festival.
    Howlt Coffee is a hybrid art exhibition that blends modern trends, design, and art. The exhibition reflects on coffeehouse culture that has permeated throughout Tokyo; featuring an array of typography and icons popular among boutique coffee parlors. With roots in design, Higashi fabricates a show that centers on coffee to investigate the ingredients required to make a successful brand.
    The show is a composite of works that fuses design principles with color abstractions; offering a unique experience that is in between design and art. A pop-up coffee stand will compliment the displayed work in order to add a dimension of tangibility to the exhibit.

  • Installation View​​​​​​​
  • Outside View
  • Coffee Stand