Overlook Film Festival

  • OVERLOOK FILM FESTIVAL 2018                  NEW ORLEANS

    THE OVERLOOK FILM FESTIVAL is a celebration of all things horror held in most haunted city in the America, New Orleans. 
           On its sophomore year, the Overlook Film Festival offers a variety of newly picked horror films and curated unique experiences that are programmed as such to provide entertainment and adrenaline rush to the horror fans. These unique experiences will have the attendees question the reality of horror beyond screen. 
           The year's festival theme is the celebration of the contrasts between two opposing but coexisting forces in horror: evil and good, killer and victim, the dead and the living, darkness and light, black and white. Making use of the "haunted house" as the visual theme, the boundary between horror in screen and physical existence is blurred.
           The main colors used are red with peripheral color bright green. For the festival, in regard to the festival's theme of contrast, red signifies the "dread" and the less frequent color green presents the glimmer of "safety and survival"⁠⁠a typically rare occurrence in horror film.