• Challenge
    European Market is conceived as a large supermarket chain with a full range of dairy and meat products, groceries and related products. The first EM store was opened in 1999 and now has stores in several states. EM offers products from more than 25 countries. The client had a desire to renew branding, which was used for more than 20 years and to inspire trust and love of new customers. The brand should become a reliable advisor for customers in choosing high-quality, but sometimes unknown to them brands.

    While developing the corporate identity, we took into account that the brand should live in different planes - signage, navigation, interior elements, advertising, etc. This is a kind of guarantee of quality, the choice of trade network specialists. Bright stylized pictograms of products help customers in navigation.

  • Solution
    The format of neighborhood stores is now being actively developed by large chain retailers, and they have to adapt the corporate identity created for other formats. Europen Market identity was created by us from scratch as a design of a small, convenient and customer-friendly store. It has simplicity, vitality and warmth. We broadcast the same qualities in the corporate style of the brand.

  • From all competitors, the new shop differs greatly from all competitors by the unusual for retailers branded graphics, as well as color combinations - red, yellow, orange, burgundy - we have added a lot of bright colors to the navigation.

  • Result
    Characteristic graphics allowed us to make a friendly brand. Despite the fact that a detailed guide to the use of style, the brand beech is quite flexible. In the future, this will allow you to create a variety of materials that solve a wide range of communication problems. This is exactly what a shop should be like: it is always different, but always remains the same.