Homepages for Startups - Ux/Ui late 2018 & early 2019

  • Homepages for startups - 
    late 2018 - early 2019
  • Clutter
    Conversion optimization UX redesign, visual design (not yet updated)

    Clutter is a Softbank and Sequoia backed tech enabled storage company with over $300m in funding. What's cool about them is that they not only store your stuff, but also come to your house to pack it up themselves. They also give you a web app to keep track of your stored items and bring your stuff back without you ever needing to leave your home. 

    Their growth department, which was responsible for A/B testing many designs reached out to me and hired Kiani Studios among other contractors in an effort to increase conversions across their many pages and inbound marketing campaigns.  
  • Bundler
    UX/UI, brand identity

    Bundler is an Early Stage LA-based startup that bundles TV and streaming subscriptions (soon expanding to other verticals) into one universal programming guide and dashboard. 

    Bundler was one of the first tech startups I signed on as a client, we've been helping them with their various design needs for around 2 years now. This particular webpage is taken from a recent 4 month project I finished with them in which I redesigned their entire app flow, and created certain interfaces such as the dashboard - or "the hub" - from the ground up (portfolio piece coming soon!).
  • Splitwise
    Visual (UI) design - concept

    Splitwise is a mobile app and web platform that helps users share bills with roommates, family, and friends. This is just a concept I designed as a fun experiment to see how minimalistic I could make a product page while actually maximizing the clarity and effectiveness with regards to the CTA. I used visual design elements such as strong contrast as well as copy that I felt would resonate better with their audience. 

  • Clicktivated
    UX, visual (UI) redesign - not yet implemented

    Clicktivated is a platform that gives viewers the ability to interact with individual items inside videos, turning regular videos about a product into interactive, shoppable experiences. My job here was to redesign their entire website to make it more cohesive & clear for their audience in an effort to convert more prospects into long-term clients. 
  • Kiani Studios

    The Backstory
    Kiani Studios is a design & development collective I started out of my apartment living room while I was a freshman in college, receiving my funding entirely from the Visa card in my left pocket.

    The Illustration
    I directed this graphic used in the hero element of our homepage, which was illustrated by Nahuel Bardi from Buenos Aires to express my philosophy that even the most serious work should always (at least in the initial stages) be carried out in a relaxed, fun, and extremely innovative way - from a place of childlike curiosity & wonder, before being integrated into a specific system that's proven to work. 
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