Selle & Ciel

  • Selle & Ciel is a French association practicing "Équicie" (equine-assisted therapy). They work with horses to accompany mental health and physical health treatments.

    We worked with them to concept, art direct, name and build the brand identity of their association. The name is built from Selle (the French word for saddle), and Ciel (the French word for sky or heaven), implying that while working with the horses and therapists of Selle & Ciel, the patient is grounded in the saddle, with a free an open spirit. In the practice of Équicie, the horse is always in the center between the Équicien (equine-therapist) and the patient. Having the ampersand suggesting a horse keeps it in the position of a mediator.

    Client: Selle & Ciel  —  Service: Naming, Visual Identity, Print Design, Web Design