Starbucks™ Traditional Vietnamese Phin. Concept

  • Traditional methods in modern forms

    Concept: The main idea is to refresh the image of traditional Vietnamese method of brewing and serving coffee. We wanted to make it stylish and popular in other countries. Starbucks, as a modern brand in coffee culture, is an ideal choice to achieve this goal.

    Method: In Vietnam, there is a popular tradition to brew coffee in the coffee maker Fin (press filter) – a portable drip coffee maker.

  • Details are important
    Balanced coffee must be accurately brewed. So, to pursue this goal, we have come to decision to enlarge the set with a measuring cup and instruction. As a result, people get instructions and a convenient way of brewing coffee. The brand gets loyal customers who drink coffee as it is meant to be.

  • Connection
    The fin shape design is based on Starbucks cups brand style. This way we have kept the connection with the familiar brand by linking it with new forms.

  • Credits

    Concept / Design: Yura Podryadov
    3D Visualization: Denis Sibilev