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    Atlanta Peloton invited me to created a new brand identity for their company
    The project is to come up with a logo that has strong industrial feel for the brand
    We did a brand strategy to know what the problem is and how to solve them to make the brand stand out. ​​​​​​​

    The Atlanta  cycling scene is made-up of about 10 big group rides that happen regularly. each ride has its own personality. 
    The main rides are called: Northlake, Pizza Ride, Tucker, Airport, Silk Sheets, The Crit, Six Flags.
    The community is about competition, pushing the limits, suffering (a term commonly used in cycling), adrenaline, exhilaration and relentlessness.  

    Client: Atlanta Peloton
    Agency: Brilland
    Art Direction & Design: David Samuel Oluwadamilare

  • We were entrusted with the task of challenging the organisation both creatively and strategically. 
    To develop a single brand identity by critically challenging ATLPTN to consider itself from different angles and to make bold choices where necessary.

    We began by organising an intensive strategic preliminary phase to create the brand foundations and identify all touchpoints. The goal was to state clear brand values and a clear brand promise as the basis for one powerful brand concept. 

    Our work is based on a simple, strong and accessible logo in its form, a sign that synthesizes strong symbols
     (Letter A, Penrose Triangle & Andrenaline). Sophisticated concept with minimal approach yet silent vibrant and details that exemplify the classic sensation of the atmosphere that Atlanta Peloton is aiming towards. The symbol is based on a construction grid of equilateral triangles. The Penrose triangle represents unity and continuous motion

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