Mercedes Benz - Me Connect - illustrations

  • Mercedes me connect​​​​​​​

    Mercedes-Benz invited me to create some illustrations for new international commercial. The project - Mercedes me Connect - is to demonstrate the new line of cars and also bring various technological aspects of the new models. The film that was produced by Consulado.TV, brings several cuts of fast scenes and many details that involve creativity along with technological values of the company. I was responsible to create the 2d concept of a robot for one of the movie scenes.

    Client: Mercede-Benz 
    Direction: Maurício de Andrade 
    Art direction: Bruno Medeiros

  • This is the final robot model I developed. It has the design in reference to the new cars, with a serious, professional and minimalist style. It is an almost monochromatic robot with brushed steel texture in the finish.

  • Sketches and ideas that I  created for the robot design.

  • These are other models I created initially, but they had many details and a more childish look.

  • The main illustration

    This illustration totally in 2d, presents the robot in a comparative with the dimensions of the car.
    Creative elements in bold with a serious and professional environment.

  • Here are some steps in the illustration process.

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