Twitter - Mobile Internet Mind

  • Client: Twitter, Inc. 
    Agency: Mediamonks SP 
    Illustrator: Leo Natsume

  • Twitter Mobile Internet Mind

    Series of creative illustrations created to be used in a Twitter project . Mobile Internet Mind concept show the world that exists inside the smartphones and tablets, like “apartment” structure inside of the device, showing Netflix, Spotify and Tinder floors- the user’s consume of data. The Twitter API (recent tweets, followers, influencers, etc) is used to create the mobile extension of the consumer’s mind. The characters represent diversity – colors, shapes, accessories, hairstyles, and behavior – and are inspired by the type of content. Each floor represent the use of data of users in different apps. 

    Illustrations for Twitter, Inc. August 2019.

    Developed Artwork

    The Floors of streaming of movies and TV is represented by Netflix, with characters watching series, selecting movies, downloading, and others bringing the popcorn bags.​​​​​​​

  • The music Floors is represented by Spotify, with characters enjoying various styles of music.​​​​​​​

  • The relationship floor is represented by Tinder, with characters flirting, talking and others just "entering the room".

  • Sketches and final results on device application.

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