A DuuO Workshop Collaboration

  • I'm super excited to announce that I'll be crossing the pacific and heading to a land I'm very fond of. Most of my clients and the large majority of those that follow my work, along with a number of friends that share the same passion for lettering I've built relationships over the years are from the United States of America. So for a quick 2 week whirlwind trip to both NYC & LA, I plan on meeting up with clients and like minded designers.

    Whilst there I’ll also be teaching 4 workshops. 2 Crayligraphy workshops where we delve into the art of calligraphy with markers and 2 DuuO workshops that explore the craft behind creating lettering style logotypes. Both workshops really go hand in hand, so if you're interested in this area of design, both Colin Tierney (Lettering logo specialist and the brains and skills behind Crayligaphy) and I would love to see you there.

    For all the information click on this link.

    So what's the below all about?
    It's the collaboration pieces Colin & I put together to announce the DuuO workshops to the world.
    DuuO is an acronym for Down Under, Up Over. 
    So I hope you enjoy the poster compositions and the rough sketches that led us to this point.
    For more information about the workshops scroll down to the end or visit the website.

    Look out NYC & LA.
    Verg's coming to town.

  • The DUUO workshop will cover the following:
    - How to sketch letterforms from beginning to end
    - A broad range of lettering styles to help you evoke a brand’s presence
    - Identifying typographic and lettering terminology
    - How to make adjustments depending on the application and constraints
    - An understanding of how to continue the process after you take home your refined, super sexy sketch to bring into your software so you can vector your logotype
    This workshop is for all skill levels from beginners to advanced. We’ll provide all the material (reference guides, brush pens, microns, paper, rulers, pencils) along with some refreshments, so just bring yourself.
    10X your investment and broaden your branding services by equipping yourself with the proper skills and knowledge to land your next client!
    Registration is now live here and if you decide to sign up earlier rather than later, you might catch that little early birdie.
    Oh and if you’re a beginner in hand lettering, check out our Crayligraphy workshops (intro to calligraphy and hand lettering) we are hosting at the same location and timeframe, only the day before our Lettering for Logotype workshops. All workshops can be found in the same link.