ELMNT Studio

  • ELMNT Studio is a boutique yoga and spinning studio located in Montreal’s Monkland Village. Focusing on the mind-body connection, rigorous practice and training, they offer an inner-growth and educational approach to overall fitness. We were first commissioned to develop their visual identity, logotype and art direction, followed by signage and promotional products. The creative intention was to illustrate the simple principles of structure, strength, balance and rhythm using a refined and technical graphic language, that would become representative of ELMNT’s holistic approach to global wellness. 

    The graphic language becomes alive and organically adapts to different types of applications from the studio’s interior signage and products, to branded merchandise and promotional collaterals. The team at ELMNT strongly believed in differentiation through branding to represent the high-end, elevated and educational training experience they offer their members – mainly wanting to distinguish themselves from the well known loud, bold and sweaty fitness studios.

    Disciplines : Art Direction, Visual Identity, Signage, Packaging, Web
    Photography : Kezia Nathe, Alexandre Couture