Lidl Summer

  • A summer marketing campaign
    for Lidl Finland.

    The overarching concept is that
    the summer in Finland is quite short,
    so people worry that it might
    end before it has begun!

    The slogan for the campaign
    translates as
    ‘Live like it is the last day of summer’

  • Approximate translation:
    'It can be over sooner than you think'

    We illustrated the ideas to recall
    classic summer travel posters,
    but whilst also expressing the
    jokes within the headlines.
    (We discovered some of the
    humour is quite specific
    to summers in Finland ;-)

    We decided to design all of the
    visuals around the Sun, as a nod
    to the yellow circle of the Lidl logo.
  • The campaign appeared in outdoor
    media and press advertising.
  • Approximate translation:
    'Summer glass is always half full'
  • Approximate translation:
    'Live like it is the last day of summer'
  • Approximate translation:
    'Ready in place, go'
  • Approximate translation:
    'Heatwave, an urban myth?'
    (two concept images)
  • Newspaper advertising.
  • Thank you.

    Client: Lidl
    Agency: Folk