AIGA Centennial Gala

  • AIGA Centennial Gala

    I was thrilled to have worked on the event graphics and experiential design for the AIGA Centennial Gala. The annual celebration honors creative luminaries that have shaped the field of design.

    I was responsible for the design and location planning of graphic elements including wayfinding, information graphics, banners, and table centerpieces. Signage and branding were instrumental in directing attendees to the event space several floors up from the lobby. Freestanding pylons were utilized to greet and welcome attendees while a series of stacked cube installations provided wayfinding and information on past AIGA medalists. The main reception area showcased a colorful procession of vertical banners featuring statement art by past Medalists, Fellows, national and chapter presidents based on AIGA's 100 year history. Stackable table centerpieces correlated statement art to particular years while serving to recognize event donors.

    My role also entailed working with the AIGA to obtain all copy and artwork, coordination of production with printer/fabricators, material research and specifications, pricing and budgeting, implementation & install supervision.

    I was delighted to both attend the gala and creatively contribute to a celebratory and memorable evening.

    AIGA Centennial Gala/TwoTwelve