• RedCard

    Amidst tremendous growth, RedCard turned to Atomicdust to help clarify their brand and express it in a variety of ways, starting with a bold new 
  • We are RedCard

    RedCard provides communication management services to health plans. From a tactical perspective, they help companies manage and produce things like ID Cards and EOBs. But they didn’t want to be seen as a production house. With a broader vision for the impact these items have on their clients, they looked to Atomicdust for help.
  • Evolving the Brand

    We slightly tweaked the red in their existing logo to be friendlier and more approachable. We evolved their tagline from “I am RedCard,” which emphasized the individual, to “We are RedCard,” to reflect their emerging focus on community.
  • And Embracing Disruption

    This idea of community-building – to bring together health plans, care providers and even members with the power of better communication – is disruptive in the industry. So we created brand elements to match this attitude, even blowing apart the logo and scattering the letters to add interest to standard pieces like business cards and the website.
  • Bringing Their Vision to the Web

    On every page of the RedCard website, we worked to clarify the benefits their services bring to clients and the healthcare community at large. One section we’re particularly fond of is the Vision page. We built the experience using parallax sections with accompanying CSS animations. What starts out as separate circles animate as you scroll, weaving in and out, visually connecting. It’s a bold invitation for prospects join RedCard on a journey toward a brighter tomorrow.