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  • When Dixon Rye launched and opened its doors in Atlanta’s Westside, I worked with their founder and team to create a strong brand and an in-store experience that brought it all together. Three years later, Dixon Rye was ready to expand their online presence with an ecommerce platform that offered its heritage-quality goods in a digital environment that still reflected the experience of the physical store.

    At the launch of the brand, the website was a series of simple pages that showcased the brick-and-mortar location with beautiful photography of the store and the products. As Dixon Rye’s team took on more interior design projects, the website needed to reflect that capability as well as show their work, and pages were added in. Later, the team wanted to offer several products for sale online, and tacked a few more product pages onto a section of the site. Over time, the website became a mishmash of pages without a clear strategy or cohesive storytelling. 

    It was time to overhaul the website by rethinking the strategy behind how it positions Dixon Rye, rewriting the messaging to more cleanly and succinctly communicate the brand promise, and redesigning the site to put forward a beautiful and easy to navigate platform for purchasing Dixon Rye’s products that matches the sophistication of its in-store experience.

  • The first step in the process was an audit of the old site, especially the sitemap, structure, and existing copywriting.

    From the findings and core messaging presentation after the audit:

    “Dixon Rye has a unique problem as it expands its online presence. It is positioning itself as three distinct offerings: a brick-and-mortar retail destination, an interior design studio and team, and an ecommerce platform.

    The challenge ahead is creating a blend of all three on one website. I believe that we can do this by mixing in-store imagery and product imagery directly across the pages; starting to add in a mix of imagery and stronger copy that focuses on the products themselves, especially shown in context of real homes and environments Dixon Rye has designed; and more clearly highlighting the Dixon Rye Studio as its own portion of the site (rather than as a footnote on the homepage).”
  • Wireframes and restructuring the sitemap (above).

    Refreshing the brand’s typography and color palette for the site to define an online style guide and system (below).
  • After the launch of the new site, Atlanta Magazine recognized the site as the best online store in their 2018 “Best Of” issue.

    “Best site to browse with a bourbon: Dixon Rye Online
    This new Southern-rustic online shop captures the same handsome, hospitable vibe we love about Bradley Odom’s West Midtown brick and mortar. Live since September, the ecommerce site is the place for expertly curated wares like Brancusi-esque tabletop sculpture, vintage kilims, solid hardwood chests, handmade Moroccan pottery, saddle-stitched leather sling chairs, John Derian decoupage, original art, and luxurious Astier de Villatte candles.”
  • Redesigned Product Emails

    In addition to the new site, I designed a series of sales emails that push specific product categories out to the store’s subscribers. With one unified design template, the heavy lifting on the creative assets behind the sales emails can focus on strong photography as well as animating each header image (from flickering candles to stacking blankets, each email has attractive motion in its hero photo).
  • Credits

    Dixon Rye Team: Bradley Odom (Founder), Anne Seymour, Brent Jacques, Harmony Trevena, Wes Graf
    Copywriter, Editor: Janet Mylott
    Digital Content Manager: Jeremy Clark
    Digital Marketing Manager: Jamie Haas
    Photographers: Owen Masterson and Christine Anthony, Lacey Sombar, Sarah Dorio

    My Role: Art Direction, Design, Copywriting, Custom Squarespace Coding and Development