Beach Plastic Valentine Cards

  • A series of 8 Valentine greeting cards designed using 100% beach plastic I’ve collected on my local beaches 
    in New Jersey and New York. I always sort what I can for recycling, but know that a majority of it will sadly end up in landfill. 
    This doesn’t sit right with me because while *yes* it IS better that it’s not in the ocean… it’s not exactly *much* better 
    to bury it into the earth somewhere else. The sentiment makes me feel powerless… and so I’ve started keeping an assortment 
    of the plastics I pick up. It’s physically impractical for me to keep it ALL - but I plan to use what I can to create art and continue the important conversation through that art. I keep coming back to the Carrie Fisher quote: 
    “Take your broken heart, make it into art.”