Mr.Viet™ Instant Coffee

  • Instant Coffee collection

    Coffee brand from Vietnam. The collection of instant coffee from Mr.Viet™ conveys the real taste of Vietnamese coffee and, at the same time, represents a new interesting format for consumers. The market features and the internal rules of packaging certification determine that labels in Vietnamese should be the same size or larger than ones in other additional language.

    Solution: separate the two languages and place labels on different sides of the package instead of mixing them. This way we will keep the packaging clean and make it more understandable to each consumer group. We kept the style typical to the brand.

    Location: Vietnam
    Industry: Beverages

  • Shelfing: Having separated the language zones, we also sorted out the product outlay. The product outlay allows us to place the product from both sides of the shelf forming the illustration of our brand character at the same time. We made a slot in the package. The size of the slot is designed so that no one could pull out the bags from inside. Also, the details make the packaging look more attractive on the shelf.
  • Shooting: The light drawing method was picked to shoot the packaging. This way of shooting helped us to convey the items' volume and put accents on the details and shapes.

  • Credits

    Creative Director: Anastasiya Guseva
    Design / Photography: Yura Podryadov
    Illustration: Fil Dunsky