Condor Campaign 2019 | THOMAS COOK AIRLINES & CONDOR

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    We want to get away. Relax. Lay back. Escape the every day. Bathe in the sun.
    We want to get to know foreign countries, foreign cultures. Make new experiences. 

    But that requires us to embark on a stressful, uncomfortable and inconvenient journey. 
    A journey that is currently even amplified by the low-cost-carrier competition: bad service, endless queuing and tight spaces all without even a shred of personality.
    Travelers have to sit in a low cost carrier and feel exactly that: cheap!

    And unfortunately that spoils the start into the best time of the year. 
    When really the flight should be the uplifting part of this time: Joyful anticipation.
    Butterflies in your belly. Reading the guides. Being at ease. Feeling cared for.
    And then: Arriving! Disembarking. Blinking in the sunlight.
    Putting on the sunglasses - and saying it out loud:


    That is Condor and Thomas Cook Airlines. That is the feeling our campaign conveys.
    It’s the moment when “uplifting people“ becomes a truly meaningful promise. 

    Positive. Bold. Brave. Fresh. Real. With character and uniqueness.
    Different from all the others.

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