• Suspension / QTH Company Introduction Brochure
  • ​​​​​​​乾泰恒為中國老式的茶葉公司,在當年度的公司簡介手冊中賦予幾何美學思維,以杯子裡的茶葉加入水後懸浮化開,並結合俯視的設計概念,轉換於杯子是圓形、茶葉是方形,而每個方形裡的線條與英文,代表著簡介中的每一個章節,讓看簡介的人,就像飲一杯茶,傳達出公司蛻變之意。

    Qian Tai Heng is an old-fashioned Chinese tea company. The company’s annual handbook is characterized by geometric and aesthetic thinking. This thinking is embodied in each cup of this tea after water is poured, as there is a telling suspension of tea leaves inside. The roundness of a tea cup and the square bodies of the company’s tea leaves are the epitome of the company’s entire design concept.  The lines in every square are much like the English in each chapter in the handbook, which transports handbook readers into the unique transformation of the company itself. In the same way, one is whisked away on a journey through drinking a cup of the tea.

  • Creative & Art direction : JenWei Huang
    Design:JenWei Huang
    Photography:PLUS Commercial Photography Co., Ltd.
    ClientChibi Qian Tai Heng Tea Industry Co., Ltd., Wuhan, China