• Confessions / Gender Equality Poster
  • 文字、語言是生活中最真實的存在,透過表白的方式,敘說許多家庭和社會中一直以來存在的問題。利用文句間的語調性,希望能傾聽他們的聲音,帶出除了性別的不平等,以及性別認同的問題。

    Words, speeches, and language are the most authentic forms of usage in our lives. Through proper explanation, many problems that plague our families and society are being told and retold. With a change in the modulation of the tone between words and sentences, issues like gender inequality and gender identity are brought to the surface.

    IF Design Awards / USA International Design Awards ( Bronze ) / Indigo Design Awards ( Gold、Bronze ) / China Star Design Awards / 
    London International Creative Competition

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    Ecuador Poster Bienal 

  • Creative & Art DirectionJenWei Huang
    Design : JenWei Huang
    Copywriting : JenWei Huang
    Printer:Colonel Printing Co., Ltd.
    ClientThe Gender Equality Committee