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    Craft Beer Branding.

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    -The secret of its beauty is, without doubt, its aesthetics simpleza. With very ramified stems that climb like creeper through the bushes. Its striking flower is usually orange.
    A Mapuche legend tells that near the Lanín volcano, there was Two tribes that hated each other. One day, the young son of the cacique of one of the tribes and the daughter of the cacique of the other, they fell in love. The young people wanted to fight for their love and they escaped far away but a shaman saw them and he told his cacique. The boss captured the lovers andfinally he condemned them to death. The next morning the tribe, amazed, saw that the execution site had sprouted orange petal flowers. Since then, Mapuches began to venerate this beautiful flower that embraces to other species such as young people in love with each other.

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