Design Aesthetics

  • Design Aesthetics / TDU Undergraduate Admissions Brochure
  • 手冊以點、線、面方式,貫穿「設計美學‧國際宏觀」的概念,再以幾何圖形的正方形代表著規矩、三角形代表著磨練、圓形代表著融合,敘說學習設計的過程,互相吸引、互相碰撞、互相結合。

    The point-line-plane approach is adopted in the brochure, which is guided by the concept of an international perspective on design aesthetics; the rectangle represents discipline, the triangle endeavor, and the circle integration. Together, all of these shapes illustrate the process of studying design: attraction, the collision of ideas, and fusion.

    Golden Pin Design Awards / Taipei International Design Awards / Young Ones ADC Awards / USA International Design Awards ( Silver )

    China Printing Design Biennale

    Asia-Pacific Design (APD) No. 14

  • Creative & Art direction : JenWei Huang
    DesignJenWei Huang
    PhotographyPLUS Commercial Photography Co., Ltd.
    Printer:Colonel Printing Co., Ltd.
    ClientTungfang Design University, Taiwan