• Heart / Chinese Characters Posters 
  • 漢字是一種表意文字,利用兩種心字偏旁部首的525個漢字進行重疊與排版成系列,敘說文字變化跟人一樣,每一種情感、情緒、心理活動、生活狀態都與心密不可分,這是華人的特有表達,也是人類共通的感受。

    Chinese characters are ideographical in nature. The black-and-white Heart poster series puts the uniqueness of Chinese characters centre-stage. The motifs are composed of 525 characters layered on top of each other, each character visibly containing either of the two “xin” radicals. “Xin” means “heart” in Chinese and, in the series, it represents the emotional aspect of writing, since even individual ideographic Chinese characters can express moods, traits and aspirations. Although a common human experience, this form of expression is uniquely Chinese.

    Integrating modern aesthetics with technology and cultural heritage to present the unique means of expression of the Chinese people.

    (心如細絲;心細如絲 )、(心動則千變萬化;心靜則永恆不變 )

    Golden Pin Design Award / Best of Golden Pin ( 金點設計獎 / 年度最佳設計獎 )
    IF Design Awards / Red Dot Design Awards / Hiii Typography ( Silver ) / Graphis Typography 4 ( Silver ) / German Design Awards / 
    DFA Design for Asia Awards ( Silver ) / Clio Awards / Indigo Design Awards ( Silver ) / HKDA GDA Awards /  NY TDC Awards /
    USA International Design Awards ( Silver ) / A' Design Awards ( Bronze ) Muse Creative Awards ( Bronze ) / K-Design Awards / 
    NYF Advertising Awards

    Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design Golden Bee / Ecuador Poster Bienal / ShenZhen International Poster Festival / 
    China The Beauty of Chinese Characters / India Typography Day / Golden Pin Design Exhibition / Hong Kong International Poster Triennial / 
    Virtual Biennale Prague / Peruvian Design Biennial / China Printing Design Biennale

    Asia-Pacific Design (APD) No. 13

  • Creative & Art DirectionJenWei Huang
    Design : JenWei Huang
    Copywriting : JenWei Huang
    Printer:Colonel Printing Co., Ltd.
    ClientThe Beauty of Chinese Characters, Beijing, China