Handelens Miljøfond Visual Identity

    Commercial businesses take environmental responsibility
    Handelens Miljøfond, (The Norwegian Retailer's Environment Fund) is a collaboration between the government and the business organizations. They charge an environmental fee of 50 cent on all plastic carrier bags in Norway.
    The fund will (with NOK 300 - 400 million a year) support projects that work to reduce the plastic waste. This is good news for the environment. The members of the fund are stores that sell plastic carrier bags, and now these environmental responsibilities are taken.
    The Norwegian Retailer's Environment Fund is organized as an independent association, and is the business sector's tool for reducing the use of plastic carrier bags and other environmental problems associated with the use of plastic.
    The task was to develop a full visual identity for the Trade Environment Fund. Both as a separate brand, but also a 50-cent eco-label that will be implemented on plastic bags at all grocery stores in Norway.

  • Process sketching icons:
  • The leaf in the icon represents growth based on recycling.
  • Visual identity

    With re-creation as a concept, the visual identity has a simple starting point with few elements. And together they form the basis for the new eco-label that is seen on almost all plastic carrier bags in Norway today. This simple icon, with only 4 elements, is the starting point for animated storytelling, which is used in various designs and digital communication platforms. The animations help to strengthen the ambitions and goals of Handelens Miljøfond. 
    It is important to use the simplicity we have to recreate a better future for everyone.

  • Designed at anti.as