• Rebrand of the Nigeria Airways
    A new image that highlight the values of the brand

    For many reasons, a vote of no confidence has been passed by many on the recently released Nigeria Air logo — as the entire flag carrier project. Many have said it is below quality, some say it lacks originality, as the ribbon symbolism has been overused in the past.

    To give some context, the delineations were very clear clear on the fact the we must preserve the "Nigeria color green and eagle", so our work is focused on creating a cultured and unique symbol for the brand.

    The task was to reposition the brand, helping them with renaming, , the visual identity and other applications to make the brand stand out.

  • The Name:
    In a sector dominated by privately owned airlines, Nigeria Air should be a breath of fresh air. 
    Nigeria Air would need to be repeated more than once for a new audience to grasp what it represents. Nigeria Air would be misconstrued for ‘Nigerian Air’ or ‘Nigeria’s Air’ down the road.  ‘Nigeria Air’ is not a name that would effectively represent the colloquial and increasingly popular ‘Naija’ age.

    We choose a new name that possess the friendliness or catchiness that say " Air Nigeria " it was choose in respect to 'Nigeria Airways '. A name that shows respect for the new age and the creative identity that forms a basis of design that represents ' Naija 

    Nigeria is rooted in her principles of diversity- in culture, thoughts, language, and ways. The identity of this project hails from culture of the people it represents ​​​​​​​​​​​​​.