Bağırmayan Taraftar

  • Bağırmayan Taraftar is the football channel founded by two close friends on youtube. In this channel, two friends have a sweet discussion and they often fight between themselves. They have some great categories, or as they term it, ‘conversations’ that provide a funny perspective on the sport and its fans. The best feature of Bağırmayan Taraftar is their series called ‘Kıran Kırana’ which is hilarious and spot-on. In this study we made a short and sweet introduction video animation for Bağırmayan Taraftar.
  • Storyboard
  • Styleframes & Scenes
  • Client: Bağırmayan Taraftar
    Strategy: Kerim Ergül
    Manager: Eser Taşkın
    Illustrations / Logo / Storyboard: Cihangir Öziş
    Motion Graphics: Tolga Dikmen
    Music 1: Fırat Aksu (Preroll version
    Music 2: Eitan Epstein (Long -this- version)

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