Gracias a Dios Agave Gin

  • Gracias a Dios Agave Gin

    This project represents everything that I love about Mexico; it’s bold colors, intricate detail, and handcrafted tradition.  It is inspired by the past but rooted firmly in the present. This also represents the first time I have ever been asked to redesign my own work. 
    Gracias a Dios commissioned me to redesign their Gin label with two objectives; to create a new brand independent of their mezcal products, and to design for two additional skews that were being introduced into the market alongside their original Gin.  
  • As a starting point, I had to look for solutions for what would replace the current mezcal logo. I wanted to find a way to bring provenance and humility to the forefront. I decided to draw a well in order to communicate the purest ingredient at the heart of the spirit; water. Surrounding the well, is, what I thought it would be a Mexican botanical garden, representing the exotic and fresh ingredients that are the source of the Gin’s unique flavor.
  • Every piece of lettering has been customized to make the work feel more authentic.  The typography reflects the individual personalities of the three skews, even in the smallest piece of information.  

    These three labels are an expression of Mexican packaging in the present that unapologetically uses the past as a tool to communicate nostalgia.  I strongly believe that by keeping this classic design language alive I will help extend the life of handcrafted Mexican solutions for the generations to come.