Laundromat & Dance Room / Branding

  • Laundromat by day. Music room by night. 

    That was the vision Lukas Hahn had when creating Germany’s wildly original SPN. Nestled in an unassuming block in the middle of Norderstedt, SPN boasts a revolving door of nearly 120 DJs from over 16 countries. Launched in 2008, SPN quickly became Norderstedt’s premier underground techno venue and to this day, stays true to their mission to “clean your clothes while dirtying your eardrums.” 

    When establishing the visual identity for SPN, we wanted a look that felt as clean as fresh linens. That’s why we favored bold whites, crisp blacks. We wanted the logo to reflect the constant transformative motion that SPN embodies, so we flipped it on its side and paired it with a circular arrow element to help reorient the viewer’s eye.​​​​​​​