Solo Roast Coffee

  • Solo Roast is passionate about fresh coffee, created by you, and delivered to your door frequently. Design Womb worked with Solo Roast to launch the brand's identity and strategy which is rooted heavily in the postal vibes that make it sleek and memorable.

    Solo Roast's coffee is always delivered by mail, and you have the option to buy the brand's house whole bean coffee offerings or craft your own creations. The logo features a singular "solo" cup, and was designed to imply it has been stamped, which also ties back to the concept of personalizing your coffee in small batches through the mail. The brand's packaging design features postal stripes, postal stamp-like custom die-cut edges, and and our careful color selection and art direction for this product photography keeps things minimal, modern, and approachable.

    We also designed a smart system of coffee packaging using both stock kraft bags and custom flexible stand-up pouches that pair with a labeling system that allows for the brand to print roast labels as customers craft their own unique creations. Solo Roast also sells to coffee shops and retailers, so we created a wholesale bag system that can be hand stamped and labeled allowing for maximum flexibility.
    Keep an eye out for the site's launch, which also includes a customized e-commerce website experience we worked with the team on.