Au'some Foods Almond Butter

  • Au'some Foods is a Washington ,D.C.-based company committed to crafting delicious high quality almond butter using no sugar or all organic natural sweeteners. Design Womb partnered to launch this brand from the ground up and delivered a complete branding package. This brand identity included the company's logo, iconography, and packaging design.

    These almond butters are packed with the super power of argan oil – commonly known as liquid gold. The visual identity plays on this super argan infusion through the use of bold powerful waves and gold metallic on clear labels. We used clever color blocking and negative space to capture a wave of product that peeks through the label design. Each almond  butter uses a set of nutrition call out icons as well as custom flavor icons and color to identity each products' core sweetener type for shopper's and wholesale retailers.

    Our vivid and graphic art direction for this product photography further enhances the concept of a super power packed product with highly stylized jars and food, bold color, and liquid waves. Everything from the branding to the food photography touches on the brand's key strategy and positioning of what makes it unique in the market.