Good! Snacks Protein Bars

  • Good! Snacks wants you to treat yourself to plant powered protein bars that taste like candy. We're serious! These soft & tasty bars will satisfy your sweet tooth while contributing to your daily dose of healthy protein and fiber, all with less sugar.

    Formerly known as Good! Greens, Design Womb was challenged with redesigning and positioning the brand as a treat-focused functional protein bar. We delivered a complete brand identity for the launch of the new Good! which includes a simple logo, playful brand voice, key messaging, packaging design, art direction, product photography, social media animations, and Shopify e-commerce website. The brand's visual identity captures its playful attitude that is all about flavor. Each bar has an abbreviated no-fuss catchy flavor name and the colorful palette is balanced with clean typography. We used selective illustrative repeat patterns that infuse a candy-like feel throughout the brand's packaging and product photography.

    Good! Snacks bars each contain 15g of protein. Why go to the candy shop when you can buy a sweet treat that is better for you right off of the brand's website, and subscribe so you never run out.