ProFile Athletes Brand and Product Design

  • ProFile Athletes

    In early 2018, we had the pleasure of completing a full brand and product development with ProFile Athletes. ProFile Athletes is an online platform for young athletes to track their performance in various sport-related drills with the hopes of gaining the attention of college scouts and professional recruiters during their high school career. The platform is primarily targeted to baseball and football athletes, who can sign-up for a test day to perform drills aimed at testing their athletic performance. Each athlete receives their own personal ProFile, which they use to track their performance over time and share with college scouts. For this project we completed user flows for all account types, the overall brand, the web app’s wireframes and UI design, and front and backend development.

    Brand experience
    Product design
    UI/UX design
    Front and Back-end development

    ProFile Athletes, client
    Joanna Bonner, Back-end developer