Keshmiri — House of Persian Rugs

  • To celebrate and pay homage to their 50-year legacy, the House of Persian Rugs was rebranded as Keshmiri a curated series of collections showcasing authentic Persian rugs — offering Canadians the very best hand-knotted rugs in the world. Keshmiri consists of rare and collectible masterpieces produced by the finest workshops in Iran. Every piece is one-of-a-kind and is a reflection of the region's rich culture and heritage. Each carpet tells stories of powerful kings, hunting scenes, love, prosperity, and passion.


  • Keshmiri originates from the family name — کشمیری of creative entrepreneurs
    involved in the business of artisan rugs, spanning over three generations.

    The brand identity is inspired by Persian minature paintings, which is an essential
    element of the region's visual history and vocabulary. Hunting scenes ( Shikargah شیکرگاه ) are beautifully depicted through textiles, paintings, manuscripts and objects. The primary palette, gold and hunter green, is also derived from these iconic depictions. An integral part of the composition is the Archer ( Kamandar کماندار ) that embodies valour, courage and poise. Hence, personifying the elegance of the brand through the Archer was a
    fitting decision. 

    The age old tradition of carpet weaving is vocalized through the weathered and imperfect approach of the cutout elements, composing the overall visual language of the brand. Furthermore, it takes cues from the fading frescoes of centuries-old Persian narratives. The organic qualities of the weaver's hands create beautiful and subtle handwoven imperfections, which adds another layer towards forming the Keshmiri identity.