UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture Celebrations

  • UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture Celebrations

    As the premiere public arts school in the nation, the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture (UCLA Arts) plays a vital role in the cultural and artistic life of the campus and the broader community. Every quarter, the school holds a celebration that brings its students, faculties, and staffs together to celebrate the arts through music, games, performances, workshops, giveaways, and more. These gatherings happen during the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters, with The Opening in the fall to celebrate the beginning of a new academic year, followed by Winter Gathering in February, and Recess in June as the closing of the academic year approaches.

    The identity design for this event series builds on the existing UCLA Arts identity, which features a colon. The colon gives voice to the school while the circles can also symbolize completeness and community. The circles are extracted and used to construct dynamic grids that form unique and distinctive yet similar letterforms, all of which highlight round edges juxtaposed with sharp corners. Every academic year, the grid is reconstructed to create a new set of alphabet that serves as the main identifying form for that year's gatherings.

    Identity launched in October 2018

    Design / direction / strategy by Qiang John Wang
    Photos by Hannah Burnett 

    Special thanks to the UCLA Arts Communications team
    Anne Marie Burke, Director
    Louise Cale, Assistant Director and 
    Kylie Carrigan, Digital Content Manager