Uber – Users Review 2018

  • Uber Users Review 2018

  • Client: Uber Inc.
    Art direction, illustration: Leo Natsume
    Design: Uber Design team                               

  • I was invited by Uber Design team to collaborate and develop some illustrations for review of 2018 to Drivers and Passengers users. The project proposal was to create 10 illustrations according to travel data of users and drivers. The project aimed to send a fun and informative review to the 75 million users who use the Uber app, according to the different types of trips.

  • A very important approach in creating the design of the special product characters was the gender. The characters should have no specific gender, race distinction, or any kind of social discrimination. They would have a tone of voice that would represent this multiplicity in each. For this, I did a lot of visual research and came up with a result where the forms should be more conceptual and stylized, to make the user find ways to entertain the characters. I did some testing with users to see the reaction and feedback on each character, until the best aesthetic / conceptual result.

  • The sketches of the characters should bring the style close to Uber's product design, 
    but also bring movement and personality through stylized proportions and strokes.

  • Some sketches of the passenger characters.

  • If you're a Uber user, have you seen your review of the year 2018? 
    Tell me which illustration of these represents you.

  • To see more works: