Hummingbird Smart Energy

  • Hummingbird Smart Services aims to provide cost-effective energy-independence to homes and businesses via smart energy solutions and solar technology. Founded by Canadian Métis people, at the heart of the company lies strong Indigenous values and principles that celebrate the commitment to who they are and how they choose to enact change in the world.

  • The solar panel is de-constructed into a simplified grid composed of diamond shapes*.This serves as a visual representation of not only
    the “smart energy grid” but also a metaphorical grid of “flowers” that
    the hummingbird seek to pollinate. 

    *  The diamond grid can be resized, overlapped, repeated, multiplied to create an endless array of patterns that further          
         emphasize the smart grid creating a dynamic flexible system. Having these abstractions within the basic grid pattern
    an element of energy, movement, pulse, and rhythm.