Yuniqu - Adobe Live

  • Yuniqu - Digital Branding
    Yuniqu is a perfume subscription service that allows you to purchase a new scent every month, therefore opening the customers mind to the world of perfumes. 

    I was asked to create the corporate design and website for the brand. Using soft color systems, unusual layouts based on grid systems I created specifically for this project and a sans serif font with visible contrast (Chap - Schick Toikka) I tried to capture the unique essence of the brand and bring it to life. To capture Yuniqu's soul I teamed up with photographer Peter Muntanion who guided me through the process of shooting the campaign, moodboards and product images for the brand.

    Scroll through the project and watch my Adobe Live talk about UI/UX design that I based on this project.

  • Adobe XD Live
    I was invited to join Adobe Live in San Fransisco by my host Paul Trani. Over two day's of intensive work I talked about the principal steps of setting up style guides for websites, building and setting up grid systems that help the creative process and playing with layouts, spacing and size. 

    I was also interviewed by Talin Wadsworth lead designer at Adobe XD where we discussed the do's and dont's of good graphic design and the future of Adobe XD as a software and playing ground for some of the most exciting and status quo challenging design works created and prototyped today.

    You can find all of the replays below.

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