• Description
    DOCKAAN is is a distribution company aims to provide groceries with all fast-moving consumer goods through smart and automated service.

  • Mission Statement
    Is to create a Brand identity and a unique, modern graphic system that reflects the old grocery style in the Arab world and the vintage name DOCKAAN in modern tools and platforms, shape , reflection costume made designs.. by using the vintage effect and modern graphic styles in concepts, colors, shapes, sizes , typeface... to make a unique presence for the corporate in each and every detail.

  • Logo concept 
    Our logo was inspired by the name DOCKAAN and made to reflects the old grocery style in the Arab world in modern way. 
    Logotype details The B Arabic Style font was used to inspire the logotype.

  • Logo Elements:

                     Primary colors

  •                  Secondary colors

  •                 With Primary colors background, logo’s shadow is white.
                    With Black and white background there are two options: 1/ logo’s shadow is FFEFCF or 2 / logo’s shadow is 
                    in same color as the logo.

    English typeface is Campton
    Arabic typeface is GE SS Two & B Arabic Style

  • identity
    Inspired by traditional patterns converted in modern way. The identity system has been developed with great variations that can be flexible and playfully remixed to create hundreds of compositions. 

  • stationary.

  • mobile

  • DOCKAAN application was made by Brain Socket.

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