Mercedes Benz - Service Packages

  • Mercedes Benz - Service Packages
  • BBDO Indonesia asked for our help on this story about Mercedes Benz Service Package video ; a script with many messages and a short production time frame.  We tried to come up with something fun and stylish, trying to keep it well connected and interesting across the 3 minutes length. We crafted and designed our character, storyboarded and animated every frame with a lot of love and directed the whole movie trying not to loose the flow.

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    Agency : BBDO
    Lead Animation : Fery Firmansyah
    Illustration : Nur Firdaus
    Design : Nur Firdaus, Fery Firmansyah, Dwi Anom
    Animation : Fery Firmansyah, Dwi Anom,
    Client : Mercedes Benz