Various Logo & Logotype Projects

  • Overview
    A collection of various marks and type treatments that we have designed.
  • Logo for the online community, College Kids & Dropouts. 
  • Logo for the Girls of Grace traveling conference.
  • Logo for the Start Marriage Right website.
  • Logo for the Rocking Lake Eola summer concert series. 
  • Logo for the Columbus Riverfront Concert Series. 
  • Logo for Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee company. 
  • Logo for the Power Plant youth conference.
  • Logo for the band, Red Carpet Rats.
  • Type treatment for the band, Relient K.
  • Type treatment for the band, Switchfoot.
  • Type treatment for the band, Stars Go Dim.
  • Logo for the booking agency, Exit 3 Entertainment. 
  • Type treatment for Genesis Church.
  • Logo for the St. Pete K-Life Dodgeball Tournament.